sexta-feira, junho 06, 2008

Combinando as cores

Texto original recebido por e-mail de Talking Crochet with Carol Alexander

Using the Color WheelWe all have our favorite colors and color combinations, but sometimes we just get stuck trying to decide which colors would go together well in our afghan project. Have you ever thought about using a color wheel to help you put together great color combos that can produce eye-catching results?
The color wheel shown here is simple to use. Locate the main color you'd like to use for your afghan. Blending colors can be chosen from the two wedges to the right of the main color. Contrasting colors are directly across from the main color.
Triad color schemes can be created by choosing the colors that create an equilateral triangle with your main color. On a 12-part color wheel, the lines of an equilateral triangle would select every fourth color. So, for example, if your main color is blue, triad colors are yellow and red.
All colors on the color wheel are numbered according to value, so if you wish to create unusual color schemes, choose colors that are the same values. You can create an unlimited number of gorgeous color combinations using colors from any value group (all #3s, for example). For an exciting color scheme, choose black, gray, navy, brown or white and accent with one or more vivid colors.
If you are making an afghan as a gift, you might like to choose colors that reflect the personality of the recipient. Yellows are cheerful and bright. Reds are passionate and aggressive. Blues are calm and cool. Purples are regal and star-like. Oranges are warm and cozy. Greens, depending on whether they are more blue or yellow, can be cool or vibrant.
When choosing colors for an afghan you plan to make for your own home, work up swatches in several possible color combinations. Look at them from a distance rather than close up, preferably in the location where you plan to use the afghan. You will get a more realistic view of how the color combination will look and which combinations you prefer.
Have fun experimenting with the color wheel and seeing what fabulous color combinations you can put together for your afghan projects. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Achei muito interessante essa dica que recebi

Amarelos são alegres e luminosas.

Vermelhos estão apaixonados e agressivas.

Azuis são calmas e frias.

Purples são como estrelas.

Laranjas são quentes e acolhedoras.

Verdes, dependendo se eles são mais azuis ou amarelos, pode ser cool ou vibrantes.

Escolha sua cor predileta e as duas cores à direita da sua escolhida fazem a combinação perfeita.

Voê pode também combinar duas cores à esquerda e duas à direita da sua cor predileta.

Dá para fazer inúmeras combinações, todas lindas e harmoniosas.